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Ahmad Shah Massoud, leader of the Nothern Alliance and fighter against Taliban was killed by two terrorists on 9 September 2001, two days before the attack to U.S.A.

He defended for years his people in the Panjshir valley from the Taliban madness, fighting for a democratic Islam and an Afghanistan free. In the mind of Taliban, his murderer, should have prevented Northern Alliance freeing their country with the help of U.S.A.

I want to remember, the  legendary "Lion of Panjshir", the "Afghan Ch Guevara" smiling as in the photo, to point out that exist an Islam different from the darkness

of  integralism.

For millions all over a digital world desperate

for a bit of romance, he was as iconic as Che

Guevara: the romantic ideal of the intellectual


 He was a Mujahidin, fighting for Afghanistan freedom until the end. He started waging war with just 20 men, 10 Kalashnikovs, one machine-gun and two rocket launchers. The intellectual arsenal was certainly deadlier: Mao, Che, Ho Chi Minh, revolutionary tactics adapted to the Afghan mind to rouse rural peasants.

In more than two decades he defeated an Afghan dictator (Muhamad Daoud) and then the mighty Red Army of the Soviet Union. For someone who escaped countless total encirclement situations by ultra-hardcore Soviet generals, fighting the black hordes of the almost Monty Pythonish Taliban could even be labeled a joke.

Ahmad Shah Masoud was as modern as one can be in a legendary crossroads of empires such as Afghanistan. His Islam was as soft as a Panjshir peach - bearing not even a remote comparison with the demented Taliban version. According to Afghan astrologers, Massoud had to survive another 40 years - but as we know, the reality is different. This should be enough time for him to liberate Afghanistan, put the house in order, and die in peace. It is a mythology as uplifting as the Shangri-La landscape of the Panjshir Valley in the north of the country which is his home.


Massoud sleeped less than four hours a day. Officially, he was the vice president of the Islamic State of Afghanistan - a government that despite controlling only 10 percent of Afghanistan is recognized by the United Nations and the international community as the legitimate. The Taliban control the non-recognized Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.


The most striking contrast between Massoud's Islam and the Taliban's ultra hardcore version regarded the situation of women, about this matter he was often in contrast with the others Mujaheddin commanders also.

His dream was to built an univerity in the Panjshir valley, to give to the afgan women the possibilty to study, to have a rule in the governament of the country.


During an interview a journalist asked to him something about the future: " to be honest, I would spend the rest of my life reconstructing my country."


Now, must be the task of Afghan people, over ethnic and tribal divisions, to achieve his dream.



Al Musavi Garmarudi







Giovanni Checcucci